Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now posting on the Celebrity Astrology Blog

Dear readers,

I have been out of the blog-writing game for two years, due to health and professional circumstances, but am making a comeback: with a vengeance!

I am now posting articles at and will soon also be posting at From now on, this blog is reserved for updates and non-article postings.

My first article for CAB was a piece on Michael Jackson's Jupiter-Neptune recurrence transits. I am now in the midst of posting a eleven-part series (I know, I know), contrasting two of the existing birth times posited for MJ. I assure you, I have many non-Michael Jackson related projects in the works, so stay tuned!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I watched on you tube an interview with you and was surprised that at the other side of the world there are people like you and me who have the same ideas, views on astrology in almost a scaring way! It was inspiring to watch the interview and although I'm a real realist (economist) I truly believe that astrology (which I study for about 12 years) can help people to become more conscieus about their destinations and spiritual growing. Because, that's what it's all about,...
Best Regards
Veerle Debruyne

Nick Dagan Best said...


I'm happy to know I'm not alone. Belgium is my favorite country in Europe, all that delicious beer. I miss Gulden Draak every day of my life...


Anonymous said...

Did you know that the 'Gulden Draak' is named after the golden image on the top of the Ghent Belfort? And Gent happens to be the city I live in. It's the first city that I love to live in (for about 15 years).
Don't hesitate to contact me (email is: or you happen to be in Belgium. Me and my family would be delighted to show you around this wonderfull historical city.

Nick Dagan Best said...

I hope to visit Ghent again someday. I was last there during the summer of 2001, very nice memories.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday I'll organize a congress in Gent for all astrologers around the world (my venus jupiter conjunction in 11 should be able to handle this). If I may believe my chart (but I'm such a sceptical) I 'll become very very mighty in the area I'm passionated about...Having 4 planets in virgo (a sun pluto conjunction and a mars mercury conjunction) in 9th house, a yod, sagitarius rising on 2° and aries rising on 8°, it WILL happen definitely.
So, looking forward to meet you someday.
ps: tx for the inspiring words on youtube, since then I've mangaged to work 4 hours a week on an astro line in belgium, so I've started the practise instead of reading all those books (and this is a big step for somebody like me who has during the day an HR business partner job in an industrial company, which is a totally different world). So, you see, Nick, people can change their path just by surfing on the 'you tube' internet!

Anonymous said...

correction aries moon on 8°

bye bye

Anonymous said...
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Spherical said...

When I found the first part of your eleven part series on Michael Jackson awhile ago, I was unable to find the others. It was rather nice to pick up where I left off!

Nick Dagan Best said...


I had to postpone finishing the MJ article due to recurring health problems. Hope you at least enjoy what I've done so far. I will get back to completing it when I can.

Spherical said...

I’m genuinely sorry to hear that! Hope you get well soon!

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